December 10th, 2004

life begins - me

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Didn't get to see Lost yet and avoiding spoilers is getting much harder now. So, I'm hoping to take a half day off work and go home to watch it and maybe throw in a little Christmas shopping along the way - although I'm thinking a Friday afternoon in December really isn't the kind of time I want to think about finding a parking space in Braehead... *grin*

Ah well, thank goodness for internet shopping!

Anyone got any ideas what I can get my sister? She doesn't wear jewelry, she doesn't listen to music, she's not particularly into films, she's not into TV, she doesn't read much, she hates gadgets, and I've no clue what clothes size she is post-pregnancy (she looks bigger than she was but I don't want to go up a size in case she gets insulted)

She's a nightmare to buy for. Any suggestions?

(Caffeine update - yesterday was 3 coffees and a glass of cola, so far today there's been no coffee and I'm feeling okay. Not great, a little headachey, but a hell of a lot better than I was on Wednesday!)
life begins - me

Good grief!!

So just when I think Lost is the best show on TV - it gets better!!

I won't spoil, but my God, emeraldswan I so thought they were going to do it as well!! I was on the edge of my seat not daring to blink!!


Everyone in the UK, when this starts airing, you have to watch it. You have no choice in the matter, if you don't I will know and I'll send Locke to hunt you down. *grin*

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