December 14th, 2004

life begins - me

I have the best friends!

Really, I love every single one of you guys!

emeraldswan Huge hugs!! Thank you so much for the extra pictures and LJ time!

bastardsnow thank you so much for the fic! It's fantastic, I know I haven't fb'd yet but it's coming!

rileysaplank thank you so much for the CD!!

You guys all rock my socks on a daily basis and I just want to say I kinda love you all!
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life begins - me

Christmas meme

So yesterday acme54 had a meme for the three things your family considers Christmasy but no one else does.

I actually can't think of anything more than one so I'm putting it here.

Glen Miller.

Yes, Glen Miller the jazz/swing musician whose plane disappeared. He is Christmas to my family.

Why? Do I hear you cry? Well, it all begins with a simple mistake at a record pressing plant/factory/whatever they call those places.

My dad was a subscriber to Readers' Digest and used to get all those adverts for records (and I'm talking vinyl here). Evrey now and then he would buy them and he bought one called "Christmas Through The Ages" - it's something like six records of Christmas music which is actually pretty decent stuff.


Record one, side two, doesn't have any carols or Christmas hymns, or even Slade. Oh no, instead it has Glen Miller.


So Glen Miller music always makes me think of family Christmases. All because of a mistake by Readers' Digest. Gosh, someone should write a book about that....
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life begins - me

Lyrics meme

Seen this in a few places on my flist but mirabehn is the one I'm doing the copy/paste thing from so...


1. Open your MP3 software (Winamp, iTunes, whatever) and set your playlist to shuffle.
2. Record a lyric or two from each song you come to, and post them. I'm only doing 20 because while I have lots of tracks I only have a few artists. *shrug*
3. Those reading this post: see if you can guess what the songs are, and comment with your guesses.

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Edited to add - I'm going to mark the ones people guess off so you can't cheat... *grin*