December 15th, 2004

life begins - me

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Guess my music taste is a little more obscure than I thought it was then... Still 16 of the 20 lyrics I put up that no one's got! A hint - two of them are from the same band. Wanna have a go? Here you go!

So, Wednesday - tell me it is Wednesday today? - and I'm completely scunnered with this place again. I was planning on coming in over the gap between Christmas and New Year so I can use those holiday days next year. Got told yesterday the department is staying shut and since I'm a grade 3 I can't work in another department. How is that fair? Grade 2s get to come in and save their holidays by working at lending or enquiries - me? I have to stay at home because I'm a supervisor.


Ah well, maybe I can get that flame thrower out and attack the garden then...

I have a seminar on the Freedom of Information Act to go this morning which could be really interesting if I wasn't completely shattered and not in the mood for sitting in a stuffy room listening to librarians drone on and on... (and yes, I'm aware I'm a librarian but that's not the same *g*) Plus we've got our annual works Christmas lunch tomorrow and I can't decide whether to leave the car at home so I can have a drink or drive in and stay sober.

I always seem to get more writing done on the train but it's nearly a tenner for a return fare and I already pay 90 quid for a parking permit...