December 23rd, 2004

head-desk - me


so I got hardly anything done last night - instead of all the writing I had planned, I ended up playing about with Photoshop. Sometimes that helps when I'm in a bit of writer's block, I make art using the characters in the fic I'm working on and let the art influence the story. Weird but it works. Last night? Not so much. Could be because although I'm writing a BtVS fic right now, I chose to make a Lost wallpaper...

cuz that makes sense.


now I have all this work I want to get out of the way before the new year and I still have writing to finish!

life begins - me


Okay, so I go for tea break as normal and when I get to the staff room I get given a little sponge cake with a Christmas ring on it because M doesn't do cards, she gives cakes instead.

So I'm already in a festive type mood. I come downstairs and there's all this stuff on my desk. The first thing that went through my mind was "who's been using my desk as a dumping ground?" then I see my name on a card and my boss saying "you kept that one quiet!"

It's my birthday next week, they all got me a big bunch of flowers, chocolates and wine.

I'm all embarrassed now!
head-desk - me

No F*cking Way!!!

The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard beat Kitt?!!!!

No frelling way!


In my ever expanding attempt to avoid this fic I'm watching the 30 greatest TV cars...

My sister reminded me about three months ago that Knight Rider was my first TV obsession, I'd actually forgotten quite how much I did like that show but hey, I was a kid!

No way is the General Lee a better TV car....