December 29th, 2004

life begins - me

On getting older and friendship

If this was Logan's Run, I'd be well clear of the city by now.

I slept for an inordinantly long time last night - nearly twelve hours, a record for me - which of course means I've been tired and crabby all day. So I decide I should get a good night's sleep tonight since chances are next to zero I'll be getting any sleep at all for the next few nights. Of course I can't sleep, can I?


Ah well, it gives me more time to say this: acrazywench? I think I kinda love you! I just got the package you sent today - it did arrive last week but I couldn't get to the post office to pick it up before today. Thank you so much - I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more, you are one of the sweetest, most generous, thoughtful people I know and I want everyone to know that.

*hugs you*

edit so apparently sleeplessness helps with iconing. New tutorial over at icon_tutorial on how to get this effect, I like it but it needs adjusting before I'll use the style again I think.
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