January 3rd, 2005

head-desk - me


so apparently the reason my water boiler is not playing along is that my thermostat's busted. Joy.

Now as well as having next to no hot water I also have a really cold house. I wouldn't be as bothered as I am except for the fact that the gas man came out at the start of December to do the annual check up on my heating system. I said at the time that the radiators weren't as warm as they should be and he told me I just needed to bleed the surplus air out. Which I did.

Now I'm going to have to call them out again to fix something they should have caught before it broke.


Plus? Having a little plumbing emergency, my drains are blocked and I've no clue if the shops are open today because of course I don't own a plunger or drain rods...

And my head hurts. Still. That's been two days now and it's still sore. (I hit my head off the corner of my car door the other day - I genuinly saw stars when it happened)

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