January 6th, 2005

life begins - me

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So one day back at work and already my sleep pattern's gone to pot again. Over the break I managed to get around six hours sleep a night which for me was a huge improvement, Tuesday night I was so worried about missing my alarm that I was awake every hour on the dot. Last night, I got to sleep about 10 and was wide awake again at 11.43. I've been mooching around since then, I did get a little more sleep but not much. Now it's nearly six and I have to head in for another eight hour day in just over an hour. Looks like my sleep pattern isn't the problem, it's my job. Hands up anyone who's surprised by that?

Plus, I can't find a torrent for Lost 12 anywhere yet, I'm hoping it's just because it's early yet and by tonight there'll be hundreds but right now nowhere seems to be hosting it.

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life begins - me


so as well as not having slept much last night, I also didn't eat breakfast (big surprise there), got stuck in a two hour traffic jam, and forgot my glasses (again)

My head still throbs from where I hit it off the car door and now my eyes are burning. AC and a portable heater do not make for a good combination either so my eyes, already strained, are getting really dry. (the heater's not at my desk, I just get blasted by it now and then)

Plus, I know that despite the fact the download should theoretically be done by the time I get home, it's going to have been stopped by my stupid firewall (which really isn't stupid, it's just annoying sometimes) so I'll have to get it going again.


Still, shiny new icon made by blackicons so there are some things to smile about!

(of course the fact that LJ now doesn't want to let me post this isn't helping matters.)
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life begins - me

somewhere, beyond the sea...

... okay, so I kinda hate that song, but it's now circling my head, in French no less.

Thank you so much JJ Abrams! </sarcasm>

engelsteorra, if you're still undecided about whether to watch new Lost or new Alias, I'm going to make it really difficult for you and say that Lost rocked!!!


No spoilers, just awe, and emeraldswan? I'm not kidding, I will pay you to write Charlie/Claire for me since you seem to be a mind-reader!

edit so the icons I had to make? did one already
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