January 9th, 2005

life begins - me

Busy like a bee, actually!

I'm still blown away with how many people liked the icons I made yesterday - maybe there are plus points to being ill!Not iconing today though, got a million and one things to do before I can play with Photoship some more.

I have to finish this short WIP I have on the go, the one I was talking about last night with emeraldswan. It's a must, if it's not done by the end of today I will be most upset with myself! Plus, today feels like a WaDaDM day to me, which is a very good thing since I've not had one of those days for a very long time now! And CR? yup, although it stalled slightly and I had no idea how I was going to start the next part, the first lines are now circling my head. I wish I could remember where I heard this, but someone once told me that the first line of anything is always the hardest to write - very true in my case. I can struggle for days (or even weeks) with that and then once it comes the rest just flows from it.

On top of that, I have a fic that someone just assumed I would beta read for them which I haven't had the time to look at yet. Sorry, but real life had to come into play and if they'd asked me before they sent it I'd have told them I had no time.

Now that things are calming down, you'd think I'd take a break for a while right? Catch up on the things I've got going currently and not take on anything new, right? Wrong. I've signed up for not one but two contributions to the Xander month on with_character. A season seven essay and a short character study based on a pivotal moment. Quite why I jumped at the chance to do season seven, a season where there was a distinct lack of Xander, I really can't say to be honest. Something about it just suggested itself to me and I went with it. The pivotal moment character study is a slight worry right now, not because I can't think of anything, rather I can think of far too many and I have to attempt to keep it to 500 words.

That'll happen. *grin*

Right, before I get too caught up in this thing, I'm off to write. *must finish that two part fic, must finish that two part fic, must finish it*
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