January 10th, 2005

dram - me


So I woke up feeling really awful this morning but managed to get myself out of bed through my routine and halfway through my coffee before I switched on the news. Caught the end of the local news and there was a big comment about more details on the travel warnings in the next bulletin.

I took one look out of the door and regretted (for the first time) having a dog. Poor Dram doesn't look quite so cute and innocent right now, he more closely resembles a half-drowned rat. Poor thing!

So I'm not going into work, last time it was this bad there were landslips and it was pretty difficult to get home. So, that'll be another day out of my holiday entitlement then. Fun.

Still, means I can get caught up with the writing I didn't get done yesterday since sister reminded me it'll be neice's first birthday on Sunday and I have nothing for her yet. I went out shopping but couldn't see anything I want to get her, might have to trawl through the Early Learning Centre's website today, 'cause that'll be fun!

Oh - does anyone know if the papers presented at the Slayage conference last year were posted online anywhere? There was a proposed paper called "Out of the basement and into obscurity" that I'd like to take a look at for my with_character essay but it's not on the Slayage site (or not as far as I can tell anyway!) 
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