January 11th, 2005

life begins - me

I have nothing more to add

No interesting little anecdotes about how much I hate my job/life/family. Spent all day yesterday moving furniture and trying to get the house looking less like a bomb site and more like... well, a house!

Plus, caught up on some reading on my my Flist and since I'm lousy at leaving feedback, here's the recs for you! m_mcgregor's Zeppo In Mind looks like it's going to be even better than I Am What I Am which is already one of my own personal favourites. The first 10 parts can be found at his journal.
invisionary has a wonderful Xander/Willow story just started on his journal. "Waking Dreams" - very nice start!
bastardsnow's "False Smiles" - what can I say about this story other than it's a must read? Just go read it, it's fantabulous.
liz_marcs "Water Hold Me Down" - nicely dark, wonderfully twisted. Go read. *g*
nwhepcat well, no list would be complete with her would it? Two stories for you, both written for the Tsunami relief fund - wonderful idea! "The American Stranger" - Oz centric, just fantastic. And the as-yet-untitled Xander/Dawn opus. Part 1 and Part 2. Already shaping up to be a classic.
ludditerobot also posted an update to Snowblind recently, which to my shame I've yet to catch up on. I will do so tonight though!

Edit *hangs head in shame* I'm so sorry, smhwpf I need my head examined for forgetting to rec this one! Night of St Vigeous, parts 1 and 2. Sam is the master of pre-Buffy Slayer tales (imho) and this is shaping up to be another classic!
xander belong - me

End Of Days plea

Those of you involved in EOD, you all know I had to take a sabbatical from the game for a while, right? Well, I just tried to go back through what I'd missed to catch up and can't! I can't get back any further than the past 20 entries on any of the journals. Can any of you help out with a summary of what I've missed? (The last time I read any was my own posts (I know, bad me) with Caleb quoting the bible (it actually was a bblical quote as well, from Revelations - took me ages to find it!) and Vi's 'supply' being spiked.)


On an _end_of_days note - I will be online tonight if any of you want to talk me through what I've missed! (or hey, maybe even do a scene if everyone else is back!)