January 14th, 2005

life begins - me

new interim banner

I was playing about with ideas for INAP and wanted to do a 'Changing Man' option for the layout. The fact that I have a pounding headache right now means I'm not that up to sitting in front of Photoshop for long. The banner on my journal is along the lines of what I was planning but it didn't come out all that well. Still, I thought I'd throw it up here to see how it looks.

Will do more tomorrow, off to write today (and watch Angel s3)
life begins - me

Oh my goodness!

Hearts and Minds - wow. What can I say about this episode of Lost? Well, not much 'cause I know rileysaplank hasn't seen it yet. But oh my good gracious!

Two things, "Dude! You have to pee on me!" - how much was I laughing at this?

and Charlie saying cookie like that, sorry - not going to happen. Yes, we in Britain do use the word 'cookie' but it's not the automatic word - that's still 'biscuit'. Sorry, but when Charlie said that about a certain character's mum forgetting to put his 'cookie' in his lunch tin? The most un-true part of the episode.

Apparently there was an Alias/Lost crossover this week, where Sydney was having a party and the music she was playing was DriveShaft? How cool is that?

*must consider making a DriveShaft icon....*