January 16th, 2005

xander belong - me

Woo Fucking Hoo!!!

LJ's back!!!

How much did I miss this yesterday? Thiiiiiiiiiiiis much and more!

But it's back, and any rumours that I posted to GJ and even found my old Blurty account are wildly exaggerated! (random quote from my blurty account: "On 30th January 2004 I will hand my notice in to the library" - yeah, that happened!)

I think I may be an LJ addict, it'a worrying. :)

I wrote yesterday! Yay me! Not CR though, another fic which I will post here at some point soon, and (when things took a very downturn for me last night) an incredibly angsty Faith character study ficlet which I may or may not post. It was cathartic to write at the time and I'm not sure it has anything resembling narrative flow so it may never see the light of day.

Congratulations to everyone who won on the SunnyD Memorial Awards! The site's hit its bandwidth limit right now so I'm not 100% sure who won what, but congratulations anyway! dragonydreams I left a suggestion in your journal as to what the problem might be, if you need somewhere to host it, I can temporary put the awards page on Moments Lost (as well as the suggestion I made, it could also be that someone's trying to hotlink to a banner which would make Geocities suspend the site for an hour) Let me know if that'll work for you.

I'm going now, need coffee and food, before I go however {{HUGS}} I missed you guys!
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So I'm watching Stargate SG1 on Channel 4 right now (okay, okay so maybe I really am a fan of it...) and it's Heroes (part 1). I swear it's not that long since I saw it, definitely it was after I saw Firefly anyway, so how come I never noticed that Adam Baldwin plays quite a major part in the episode?

life begins - me

Can't rain all the time

So the Faith character study thing I wrote last night? I decided to post it. It doesn't really follow any real narrative flow and doesn't serve much purpose other than it made me feel better when I was a little low last night.

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