January 18th, 2005

life begins - me


thank you! *goes off and hides*

Oh - important LJ announcement for paid members - go here to claim extra time being offered due to the power-down. Thanks liz_marcs for linking to this.
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dram - me


chilly cold!

Snow lay last night, a good four or five inches here, and it's just taken me two hours to get back home from driving maybe five miles.


So a day curled up in front of the fire for me today I think!
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head-desk - me


So three people volunteered to look at the colours and layout for me and each of them picked a different favourite.

Of course if I could make a decision, this wouldn't be a problem, but hey, I'm not decisive. I know this, and I'm dealing...

I'm now thinking I'll be re-doing the image tomorrow and changing the colours to tie in to the new image. Of course, re-doing the image would be that much easier if a certain person in the pictures would stop grinning inanely or goofing off when a picture is taken... *sigh*

So thank you valorgrl, m_mcgregor and rileysaplank for your input, I may be calling on you again soon!
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