January 27th, 2005

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How many times does it take me saying to IT "I can't save to the shared network drive because it's full" for them to actually getting round to doing anything about it? Gah! My boss is a fan of folders in file directories. She will create an overall folder and then within that have folders for every week. I guess it makes sense in a way but for crying out loud it just makes my life so much more difficult. There's this one thing I have to do on a weekly basis that's pretty time critical and yet the directory she wants me to save the stuff in is behind seven folders. It takes almost as long to find the damn thing as it does to actually do it. Now I usually save to my desktop and then transfer the files en masse. Fine, no problem.

Except, partly because of her love affair with folders, the directory I need to transfer them to is full. Chocablock. I've gone through the whole directory and cut down as much as possible, deleted a lot of files that were redundant, encouraged other people to do the same, but still the drive is full.

I told IT this last Thursday thinking that either they would increase the size of the directory or possibly even give our little mini-department it's Q drive all of it's own, but nope. I just tried to save my time sheet and there's no room for it. Gah! A time sheet, an excel doc with one tiny little change on it...
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hey, a non-work rant update!

Catching up - engelsteorra I hope it all went really well yesterday and I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!

dimlondeiel - hiya! Welcome to LJ

rileysaplank still no further with the FO banner yet, I will have another look tonight but it may be the weekend before it's done now.

Everyone else. Thank you. I was only checking emails yesterday intermittently so I haven't really responded to any comments yet. Your thoughts and comments were very touching and much appreciated.

I'm getting back into the swing of things on _end_of_days after my extended leave of absence in December - Sam, Emmy and I completed a scene last night which was a lot of fun to be part of - and I'm getting excited about it again.

One of my first ports of call when I started to get into online fandom was the BBC cult TV boards. I just found yesterday that they're closing down at the end of next month. I haven't posted there for a good few years now but it's kinda sad to see one of the first forums I called home go. I guess it does go to show how far the BBC scheduling is leaning away from Cult tv now. I made a lot of good friends via that forum, I interviewed for a job on the website (I didn't get it - they decided after interview that they couldn't take on anyone else), it was a good source of information and updates. And now it's going. *sigh*

Edit I *knew* there was something else I had worry about today - looks like we have another plagiarist on INAP. I've taken the story down and contacted the author but not yet heard back from them. And this in the same month that I noticed the original plagiarist had made a return to the site with a different user name and apparently original stories. *sigh again*
life begins - me


so the plagiarism drama was a storm in a tea cup. The original author has apologised profusely to me and the new author has been very sweet about it.


Fingers crossed this will all be solved now!
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