January 28th, 2005

life begins - me

brain melting....

taking a day off in the middle of the week may seem like a good idea but right now I feel like it's Tuesday rather than Friday. Which you'd think might be a pleasant surprise tonight when I realise it's Friday, but nope. There's a bunch of work I always have to do on a Friday - Current Awareness searches, cataloguing, time critical stuff. I just did the STN current awareness search (50 keywords, 8 stirings - I was in the databse for a total of 4 minutes - take that Da Vinci Code!) and  I can't shake the feeling I'm not supposed to do it today. Gah!
life begins - me

plans for the weekend

Since I'm not above sharing and I'm in a cleaning mood, here's my plans for this weekend. I bet I get next to none of them done...

1. _end_of_days scene tonight. (although I did it on Saturday...)
2. Potentially finishing the beer in the fridge tonight
3. Work out the PHP code engelsteorra and I were just chatting about.
1. Clean kitchen
2. Clear out the junk from the spare room
3. Move wrought iron bed from back bedroom to the spare room.
4. Sort out the wardrobes in both the spare room and the back bedroom
5. Move futon and the display cabinet out of the spare room and into the back bedroom.
6. Hang the convention pictures that are currently stacked against my bedroom wall.
7. Clean the bathroom
8. Scrub hall and kitchen floors
9. Tidy Living room and think about moving dining table out of there.
10. Post the part of Crimson Regret I have written and get going on the next part.
11. Grocery shopping. (must buy beer...)
12. Change the lightbulbs in the hall before the last one finally blows.


1. Code more content for new site
2. Work on FO banner for rileysaplank
3. Design layout for new site #2 (and if I have time #3 as well)
4. Sleep
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life begins - me

Get a frelling life! (rant)

God! Sorry, I have to vent - feel free to ignore. People are generally pissing me off right now, I'm not going to mention names, not going to give hints about who they are because they already know. (And hey - I'm not locking this post, got something to say? Feel free.)

I just don't get some people's problems, nor do I particularly want to. I'd rather they just left me the hell alone instead of turning everything into a fucking confrontation. And it's not just one person.

This has been a crappy week for me, I always knew it was going to be, and I really don't need anyone else's crap piled on top of it. I really don't need this.
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