February 1st, 2005

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My dog's hurt his leg somehow, I don't know how he managed it but he won't put his weight on it and he's sitting down at every possible opportunity. He's also coorying in (I never know how to spell that - Scots word for cuddling) to me all the time. I had to leave him though to get into work. I'm leaving at 12 whether my boss likes it or not, and I'm taking him to the vets as soon as I get home.  Look at that face (points at icon) can you imagine him with a sad expression on his face and trying to follow me around hopping on three legs?

I feel really guilty about leaving him alone today - my neighbour will be coming in to walk him and check up on him in a couple of hours but I just want to be at home making sure he's alright.

I hope this is nothing major, that he's maybe just jumped badly and twisted something, but he's getting older - he'll be eleven in a couple of months - and I'm worried.

Edit Missy posted the latest part of 'Touched' on her journal last night - I will be adding my part today at some point. Promise.
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Touched - the update

So the Xangel slash fic that I'm tag-team writing with Missy has ended up being spread all over both our journals and it was getting hard to find the updates for it...

So I made a community for it. *grin* __touched__ claudia6913 and I have posting permission there so we can add each new part all in one place without getting lost in all the comments. I haven't actually mentioned this to Missy because it was a kinda spur of the moment thing - I was going to give her posting access to my writing journal but realised this would actually be simpler. I hope this is okay with you Missy!

Everyone's welcome to join and leave as many comments as you like! (preferably good ones, but to each their own!)

BTW - there's a new part up....