February 3rd, 2005

life begins - me

Everyone's doing it so I might as well..

And of course the instant reaction to that is always "If everyone was jumping off the Erskine Bridge would you do that as well?"


Anyway, thiis doesn't involve plummeting to a messy death in the depths of the Clyde, oh no. This involves me doing nothing and you guys doing all the work! (My kind of meme!)

Here's the deal:

1) Pick a song that you love that you want me to forever associate with you.
2) Comment and tell me what song that is.
3) If I respond and don't have the song, send it to me (through http://www.yousendit.com ) so I can sample some of your favorite artists!
4) Post this in your journal so you can make a mix that reminds you of the people that you love/like the most in the entire world.

Non-meme type things. I watched most of the "How to sleep better" programme on the BBC last night (or at least I did after I was reminded it was on and then found it on the channel listings - BBC Scotland had sport on) There was a 'rate your sleep' thing running through the whole programme and I played along, knowing full well that I've been an insomniac for nearly 11 years now. According to the scores on that thing I may think I have a problem but (and I quote from the website) because I'm not dozing off whilst driving then I don't actually need to do anything to fix my sleep patterns.

Right, so it's normal for someone my age to get four hours sleep a night if she's lucky, to wake up at least three times in that space of time and to feel dog tired every single day of her life? And because I'm too good a driver to 'doze off' at the wheel, I don't have a problem?

Am I normal?

Stupid BBC and their stupid programmes... *g*
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life begins - me


Oh that was so funny! I hate speaking in public, can't stand it at all - had a stutter when I was younger and it's probably a hangover from that. So a month ago or so  I had to do a little intro to what I do for a 15 year old school kid who was on a work placement thing.

I didn't know about it in advance, I think I got two hours warning, and I really didn't want to do it. I rushed throiugh it all completely unstructured and ran out of things to say after 15 minutes. Boy that was fun.

So next Monday we have another placement person coming who I have to do a similar intro for. My boss just took me to one side and 'advised' me that it might be an idea to have a rigid plan and stick to it. "Maybe even practice it and time yourself if you feel it would help" she says, whilst I'm biting the inside of my cheek trying not to laugh.

I know I screwed up the last one, I was all but hitting my head off the wall at the time (hell, he spotted by Four Star Mary sticker and we started talking about Buffy for half the time!). This time? I plan to have the slickest presentation ever - I may even employ audiovisual aids...
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life begins - me

17 mins

Yes, I'm clock watching.

17 minutes till I can go home...


I want to do a new layout for the site tonight, but the content's kinda lacking as well - must do that first.


Oh look - 16 mins now...
head-desk - me

my brain hurts....

last week I understood what I wanted to do with php. All I had to do was actually sit down and code it.

Today it's  all gibberish to me.

My brain is just not in the right place to get this tonight and it's annoying because I really want to get this done now. Gah!

Maybe I should forget it and go back to iFrames even though I hate them with a passion right now.

Or maybe I should just code the basic content instead.