February 8th, 2005

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They're he-ere....

On January First 2005, the Freedom of Information Act came into force n the UK. What that means is that public bodies must provide information on pretty much anything if it's asked of them. Obviously there are limitations on that - the MOD isn't about to release sensitive information that could get those serving in the armed forces killed or endangered. However, they have released information on UFO sightings in Scotland.

There's an area in Scotland that's come to be known as 'the Golden Triangle' - more lottery winners have come from that area than anywhere else in the UK for example. And it was also beleived that it was the UFO hotspot in Scotland. Bonnybridge is at the centre of it - I think (and forgive me if I'm wrong, geography never was my strong suit) it's in Stirlingshire.

Well, according to the MOD reports, Bonnybridge isn't the UFO hotspot. That honour belongs to a little village on the Ayrshire coast.

A little village in which I live.

No kidding.

Years ago, I genuinly thought I saw something - I used to work in the town about ten miles away and was driving to work one morning when I saw three lights hovering in the sky. I'm a pretty rational person  normally and although I was a little freaked at the time I dismissed it from my mind. After all, I'm 40 minutes away from one international airport and 30 minutes from another. Although I'm not on the flightpath for either I put it down to that. I still do to be honest, and I'm wondering if the fact that we are pretty much halfway between two international airports, and on the coast, might be the cause of all the UFO sightings.

Or maybe they really are here, and have been for a very long time...
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