February 10th, 2005

life begins - me

I think music was the winner...

... kinda.

Brit awards last night and for the first time in a while they actually made sense. Kinda.

The winners

Best British Breakthrough Act - Keane
Best British Group - Franz Ferdinand
Best British Male Solo Artist - The Streets
Best British Female Solo Artist - Joss Stone
Best British Single - Your Game/Will Young
Best Urban Act - Joss Stone
Best British Rock Act - Franz Ferdinand
Best British Live Act - Muse
BRITs25 best song (special one-off category) - Angels/Robbie Williams
Best Pop Act - McFly
Best International Male Solo Artist - Eminem
Best International Female Solo Artist - Gwen Stefani
Best International Group - Scissor Sisters
Best International Album - Scissor Sisters/Scissor Sisters
Best International Breakthrough Act - Scissor Sisters
Outstanding Contribution to Music - Bob Geldof

My opinions

Keane suck. Sorry, my opinion, but they are dull as dishwater. It's not because they're daring to be an indie rock band without a single guitar, it's because they are boring as hell! They're not breakthrough, they're not interesting, they're whiney little Radiohead wannabes without half the talent.  Breakthrough artist was a tough competition this year - Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Natasha Bedingfield, Joss Stone and Keane all up for it and the one with no talent at all won it. I despair sometimes.

McFly, I find them incredibly funny and I don't think they're supposed to be. It's not my taste in music but they're fairly inoffensive. What I find hilarious is that they were all born after the film from which their name comes was made...

Scissor Sisters, I've been slow coming to the Scissor Sisters party - it's not that I dislke them, it's just that there's too many other good bands out there for me to pay them much attention. They're pretty good though and probably deserve the awards.

Will Young. Seriously, was 'Your Game' out this year? It feels like a much older song to me. Apparently his reaction on winning it was quite something to see - name announced, camera cuts to him swigging from beer bottle. His eyes go wide, beer bottle hastily put down and any lip readers in the audience are gonna be offended...

Franz Ferdinand. What can I say about FF? The obvious graduates from the Glasgow School of Art (seriously, the videos are almost like coursework there!) I love 'em! They were up for five awards but I'm glad they didn't win them all in a way.

Muse. My boys! I love Muse, they rock on so many levels it's just not funny, totally deserved to win live act and were robbed last year when they didn't get best album for Absolution.

Snow Patrol. Yes, they're not on the winners list but they should be. I mean, Keane, why?! Snow Patrol are so much more interesting and innovative and downright nicer blokes! Gutted for them personally.

edit Forgot to mention The Streets. Solo act? Mike Skinner fronts a band called The Streets, he's not a solo performer. It's like saying Electric Six are a solo act. (end edit)

Ah well, I'll watch the show tonight, should be interesting to see if they cut out Will Young's reaction, and apparently Robbie Williams was a little shocked when Gary Barlow and Howard Donald were introduced as well...  (I've seen the pictures, I know what that's all about but I'll let you watch tonight)
life begins - me

What is your childhood trauma?

Bizarrely enough I just realised that most of my current fandoms feature at least one example of characters going cuckoo. So I made icons of some of them...

If anyone knows anywhere I can get good quality pics of Stargate SG-1 and Farscape please lemme know?

All icons are based on the same template (I forget which brushes I used - might be miggy's) and have the Matchbox Twenty song 'Unwell' as the starting point.

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