February 11th, 2005

life begins - me

I'd forgotten how much I love this!

Took the day off work today - I was meant to take my car in to get its MOT done but I woke up late so I'm taking it next week instead.

Right now I'm sitting here doing some basic XHTML coding. I've spent so long learning all the spangly things I wanted to do with PHP and JavaScript that I'd forgotten how rewarding it is just to code a normal page with nothing but text and have it look good.

New site is almost ready - I know I said that last week but this time I really do mean it - or would if I could find my glasses (I don't need them all the time but looking at code all day means I kinda need them and I've no clue where they are. *sigh*)

So I'm going to have fun today coding all these pages and getting in touch with more authors I'd love to archive on the site. I'm tempted to do an unveiling today at some point, but I'd rather have all the content in my little notepad on there before I do that. So I guess that should spur me into actually getting back to it then!
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