February 14th, 2005

life begins - me

Thank you all so much!

Thank you everyone for your support for the new site! Already I have two new authors to add fic for which will be done tonight, and more fic from authors already on the site.

I've had so many people say they love the picture I've used as the main graphic on the site, I made that one weeks ago and I'd gotten kinda blase about it (a version of it is in this icon). Being able to see if through fresh eyes - from all you guys - just gives me a warm glowy feeling about it all.

Again, thank you all so much!
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life begins - me


Probably no updates on the site tonight, I just had what the nice people over at Diamond insurance are calling 'an incident' on the drive home. Everyone's fine, my car isn't.

I'm pretty shaken though so I'm going to go curl up under a blanket and try to stop shaking.