February 18th, 2005

life begins - me


I'm writing again!

I had a bit of a case of writers' block for a while there, not major, just none of my ongoing stories wanted to be updated for some reason.

Yesterday, in my slightly unscheduled time off work, I got 500 words of WaDaDM done and a full chapter of Crimson Regret done! Yay!

So CR 13 is now about to be sent off to Bill (my beta for this story) and hopefully will be posted really soon!

*does the happy dance of being able to update again!*
life begins - me


I knew something was going to happen to make my day go straight downhill.

I'm compiling usage statistics for journals. Only, the stats we have saved to file run Jan-Dec. We need them to run July-Aug, not a problem you'd think. except... the packages of journals change every year in January. Which means the spreadsheets we have for 2003 and 2004 don't match on a title level, which means I have to go through the entire thing and manually add up the totals.


Still, at least it's more or less mindless and I can plot out CR14 as I'm doing it!

Edit Huh. My boss has left for the day. I didn't know she was planning to do that... would have been nice to get the head's up on that...
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life begins - me

Fic - Crimson Regret 13/?

Title: Crimson Regret 13/?
Author: Shona
Rating: 15 for language (what's that make it in US money, R?)
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. I'm just playing in Joss Whedon's pretty big sandbox.

Previous chapters can be found here

Edit So now I'm home I can upload the song that cured my block on this yesterday. It doesn't have any lyrical link to the story - well, not really - but the emotional variants within in it triggered something that made me get back into the frame of mind I need to be in to write it. The song is "I Remember" by Damien Rice and is in a way two songs, at around the 2min 20 mark it completely changes and becomes a little chaotic. Seemed to fit with the frame of mind of both Xander and Faith in this story.

I remember - Damien Rice

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