February 19th, 2005

life begins - me

I must be getting old

Time is just getting away from me completely these days. I'm working on the updates for Effects... tonight, the ones I was planning on having done by Wednesday - I have no excuses for the delay, I just didn't get them done.

Finally got emeraldswan's fic back to her - Em, just sent it as a reply to the original email, lemme know if you want me to use another address - and now have stories buzzing round my own head.

Must update Effects... first though.

Plus, the ultimate indicator that I must be getting old? It's Saturday night and I have no plans at all outwith getting the fics uploaded and maybe getting some writing done.
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life begins - me

Done and dusted!

Gah!!!! Deepest Sender just ate my post....

Long story short: Effects of a Troubled Heart has been updated, 'I Am What I Am' by m_mcgregor added, new chapters for saturn_girl's 'Picking Up The Pieces', Monet's 'Road To Redemption' and my own 'Crimson Regret'. I'm hoping to have another couple of stories added tomorrow but I noticed on my sister's crappy old PC today that the nice chocolate brown background colour I have to match into the maniped picture shows up as a muddy green on crappy old PCs so I'll be re-coding the colours a little first.

Edit gads! Just trialed a new colour and it was awful so it's back to the chocolate brown for the moment - apologies if anyone's eyes were hurt by the god-awful burnt orangey mud colour that was there for a second!
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