February 22nd, 2005

life begins - me

lyrics/graphics input needed

So I'm taking willowmina's advice and concentrating on something other than how rotten I feel. I'm iconing again. And it's Anya again. Why? I really don't know!

Anyway, I've got a base I really like but I'm scuppered for lyrics/quotes/text to put on it. Any ideas anyone?

The three are there for colouring variants, although I'm playing with those as well.
life begins - me

graphics update

Done some icons this morning, got a little carried away with the Anya ones but I also managed to get some Firefly ones done as well. Now I'm off to curl up and feel sorry for myself for an hour or so...

Anya Icons
Firefly icons


edit I've updated the icons page on Moments Lost with all the latest ones I've made. I'll be restructuring that soon since it's getting a little slow to load with so many image files on one page.

second edit emeraldswan Emmy, I've adapted the River one I used for the "It doesn't mean what you think" one for you -
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life begins - me

Bloody hell!

So I was just channel hopping and stumbled across "Miss Match" on Living. When did Nathan Fillion guest on it?!

I genuinly said out loud: "Bloody hell!", which is something I rarely say... honest!

edit so I knew CC was in a few episodes of this, but how weird is it that she and Nathan were in this one same episode?! (I'm watching it again on Living + btw)
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life begins - me

Pics request

If someone can point me towards pictures of Geek!Sam or Geek!Daniel from Moebius (SG-1 season 8 finale) I would be eternally grateful! I feel a sudden need to make icons from them now...

Edit Ha! S'okay - got some....

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This world

A Russian boy being accepted into the present-day-equivalant of the Hitler Youth
An Inuit boy taken on a seal-hunitng expedition/initiation
Twins from Chicago having their Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem
A Dominican Republic girl at her 'debutante ball' on board a cruise ship
A Japanese girl being accepted into the sisterhood of the Geisha
An Islamic girl getting an education in Malaysia
A Ugandan boy undergoing his rite-of-passage circumcision (without anaesthetics)
A Chinese girl training in the People's Army at a summer camp

I missed most of this programme, but I switched on for the end of it. The BBC are exploring rites of passage for various peoples across the world. I mentioned not long ago that I'm very interested in anthropology and cultural studies. What this programme showed me however, was how limited my knoweldge is. I had no idea Geisha society was still such as strong a focal point among the Japanese as it is, or that quasi-militaristic bodies like this existed in Russia. I've been to Moscow and (at the time) Leningrad (now St Petersburg), I saw the things that were referred to in this show - the refugee influx leading to begging on the streets at every turn, the huge shortages, the fucking lanes set aside for government and 'priveldged' cars on the streets. I understand where the boy who joined the militaristic group in Moscow was coming from.

That scares me.

The people featured on this show were teenagers, or just coming into their teenage years. These people are the future of this world. The things they were saying, the thoughts expressed, worry me.

"If we spent our lives in a military camp, we'd all be the same. We couldn't think freely. I can imagine that. But it's not for me." - the Chinese girl said that just after she got out of the military summer camp.

That almost gives me hope, but then I remember the boy in Moscow. With just as much logic on his face, saluting the flag of the militaristic sect he's just joined.

Am I being overly-dramatic? Am I falling into the trap the BBC laid for me with the presentation of this programme? The media graduate in me is very aware of the editing process that went on in this, the attempt to present a specific viewpoint. Does that knowledge make me too suspicious? Probably. Is there an ulterior motive in the presentation of this programme? Probably.

Either way, it's fascinating to me.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/this_world/4271015.stm is the site which has links to the profiles on all the teenagers involved.
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