February 24th, 2005

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So I'm finally admitting defeat and going to see the doctor this morning. I feel a bit guilty for grabbing one of the 'urgent' appointments but in a way it is kinda urgent.

Apologies to everyone I've got projects underway with, I've neither forgotten nor abandoned any of them and I really hope to get back to all of you before the weekend's through.

Now I'm off to bundle up in as many layers as I can put on and still get out of the door and head up to see what I swear sounded like Dr Frogan. Never heard of them before - Fagen yes, Logan yes, Frogan? Nope.

Fingers crossed it turns out to be not too serious.

Edit so I'm back from seeing the doctor, new guy whose name really seems to be Frogan. Nice guy, very understanding and bloody well younger than me. I must be getting old.

Anyways, it's gastric flu and the only thing that'll make it better is time, fluids and the shiny anti-nausea pills he prescribed.
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