March 3rd, 2005

life begins - me

more on the Great Season Seven ReWatch

Be proud of me, I watched Killer In Me. That's a huge deal for me because I hate the episode so much I've gotten into flame wars over it.

It's not Kennedy, it's not that I'm a rabid Tillow shipper, it's not the Initiative thing, it's not the fact that the First!Giles story was brushed aside really quickly with no real pay-off.

I just hate the episode.

It makes me angry, mostly due to its dealing with magick but probably more because it has to be the one episode that is so chock-full of CPDs that it could be any other not-particularly-good tv show.

Even the worst episodes of previous seasons I would still watch again and again before I watch any lesser show. KIM is a lesser show. There is very little in it that marks it out as being worthy of being a Buffy episode.

Have I become a snob about TV because of the quality of the earlier episodes? Probably.

I still hate KIM though.