March 16th, 2005

life begins - me

A proper update! (kinda)

Things to do today:

1. Get through another day at work
2. Get emeraldswan's fic back to her
3. Email acrazywench about the site (Sorry Beck, completely spaced on that last night!)

4. Work on the layout for ML and sub-sites
5. Get this damn essay finished for with_character (and get the character study ficlet done as well)
6. Eat
7. Work on my own fics a little

Wow, I'm going to be busy tonight!
life begins - me

Fun times...

Just had a web-building workshop which was actually a lot of fun. For me. Not for pretty much everyone else in the room I suspect...

About 18 months ago I applied for the job of web resource manager in the library and didn't get it, I'm not all that bitter because the girl who did get it is so much more suited for the role than I would be but I digress. She and one of the heads of the IT department (who was the original designer of the library site) have been running these workshops for a couple of months now and I was asked to go along because I maintain the ejournals pages in the library. What that involves me doing is opening up a template file in Front Page and typing stuff in. Not web design, not coding, barely counts as web work. But hey, it looks good on my CV.

So these workshops are aimed at people who don't actually know how to do that part of it - the typing stuff into a template file part. Pretty much means I can sleep for two hours every time I go to one of these things. Today's though, oh today's was different. We got into CSS coding, SSI (Server Side Includes) files and a whole bunch of stuff which oh so clearly went over the heads of everyone in the room except for me and one other person.

I loved it! Not the making everyone else feel like an idiot, but being able to bend the ear of people who are actually paid to do this for a living and seeing what the pros and cons of SSI versus PHP are, as well as the real problems in CSS. Of course as soon as I said PHP, everyone else in the room started rifling through their notes going 'huh?'

'Twas a lot of fun!

Now I'm bored and have to try to tell a student who matriculated in 2001 how to find a journal in the catalogue... *g*
life begins - me

Damn my sheep like tendancies...

Lifted from rileysaplank

1) Does my username suit me?
2) Is my journal's title cryptic or descriptive? What do you think it means?
3) Does my journal expand your knowledge of me?
4) Do you think my bio describes me well?
5) Which of my interests surprises you the least?
6) Which of my interests surprises you the most?
7) Which of my interests needs explaining?
8) Which of my userpics suits me best?
9) Which of my userpics suits me least?
10) Which of my userpics needs explaining?
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