March 17th, 2005

head-desk - me

I need a volunteer

I need someone to take all my records, tapes, CDs and mp3 files away from me and hide them until future notice. I also need you to stop me buying or otherwise obtaining new ones. On top of that you also have to block all the music channels on my Sky digital box, all the radio stations as well, and remove all traces of musical soundtrack on every programme or film I watch.

I did it again, listened to a CD I haven't heard for years (literally this time - think the last time I heard it was 1999) and now I have story ideas and character profiles running rampant in my head. As a result I'm now planning a rewrite on Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way which I've been playing with redoing for a while now but it was always low priority. Now, thanks to Shirley Mansun, it's just been bumped up to a three-way tie for top priority. I have to finish Crimson Regret first though, I really must. And at least update WaDaDM as well (those are the other two in the three-way tie)

How do people cope with multi-tasking fic like this? Or am I the only one insane enough to have seven on the go at once?

*note to self* must start seeing things through to the end, finish one fic before starting the next...

The album? Since you ask it's Version 2.0 - Garbage. Garbage songs have always put me in mind of Faith for some reason, particularly 'Stupid Girl' which isn't even on 2.0 - I in no way imply that I think Faith is stupid, far from it. Listen to the song, or find the lyrics somewhere, and you might get a glimpse of what I mean. This entire album though, every single song on it just gets to the core of Faith - I think. And even that's bizarre to me since one of my favourite fanartists (the fantastic Jenni Lou over at Daydreaming) has a Buffy/Xander wallpaper which is still one of my favourites and is currently my desktop background on this PC and which uses the lyrics from 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing' on it. So I automatically associate the song with B/X - when I heard it this morning? Faith.

So... any volunteers to keep me from going insane?
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