March 22nd, 2005

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So... I can't quite remember whether my first deadline for with_character is tomorrow or Friday, but suffice to say I've not written it yet. Meant to do it last night, I honestly did, but Placebo distracted me and I ended up writing something completely different. Gah!

So I'm taking a half day today, not just to get this fic and essay done, but mostly. Thank goodness for flexi-time! Now I have to go and actually get some work done so that I can leave at 1...
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I'm having a major panic situation right now and it's not helped by the fact I keep watching Gilmore Girls. (thanks for the dvds engelsteorra I owe you! *g*)

So, I have a character study ficlet due tomorrow for with_character and I have no idea what to submit. I went round work saying "what should I do?" to which the reply invariably came: "your job?" or "some work, maybe?" or even "who the hell are you, get away from me you crazy woman - someone call security!!"

Then I thought to myself: Self? You pay for this journal not just to have the benefit of multiple user pictures and less downtime than those lesser, non-paying, members. Oh no, you pay for this journal so you can add polls to it when the whim takes you!

So, after taking the medication which stops me talking to myself in public and the other medication which fights the superiority complex (I don't talk about it much - I have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex, or as my ex-friend Zara used to say, I have an inferiority Cornflakes about it), I made a poll so you can all help and take the decision away from me so when they all point and laugh I can say "Ha! It's not my fault - they all told me to do it!" (Why yes, I am slightly manic right now, why do you ask?)

Anyways, the ficlet is to centre around a pivotal moment in Xander's life and I'm limiting myself to something which happened in the run of the show. So that's 143 epsodes here people! (me? bitter about the marked absence from CWDP? Never!) Anyways, somehow or other I've narrowed it down to seven. One per season. Some of these are written, some of these are almost written, some are nebulous ideas floating around in the atmosphere which if they are picked as the ultimate winner will cause me to break down in tears sobbing "No! For the love of Pete, No!!!". But hey, no pressure here folks...

I will write/have written these already so they will all be posted, it's just... which will I submit to the community? Which do you want to read? (see? there I go again, assuming other people read anything I write... someone help me please!!!)

I think Shona should submit this fic to With Character because it sounds not at all lame....

The Decision - Season One
The Lie - Season Two
The Bomb - Season Three
The Return - Season Four
The Proposal - Season Five
The Wedding - Season Six
The Loss - Season Seven
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