March 23rd, 2005

head-desk - me

It's now tomorrow

and I'm still not happy with these ficlets. I'm happier than I was yesterday but still not... happy.


Thank you all for voting, much appreciated. There is one in the lead right now which I hadn't actually written when I posted the poll but have now done so. But. I'm going to push this deadline to the wire in an attempt to try and make sure I'm happy with what I finally do post so...

make a difference, vote in my stupid poll...

Edit we have a tie. One of the ficlets is written and complete, the other? not so much...
xander belong - me

One last time.

So there's a tie between the Season Two "The Lie" ficlet (400 words dead) and the Season Four "The Return" one (590 words)

I like them both and can't decide so... help?
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