March 24th, 2005

life begins - me

Done and almost dusted

Posted the ficlet for with_character last night. The winner? Well it was still a tie by the time I came to post so I went with the one I was happier with and which hasn't been done by other writers (and probably better than my take on it!). The Return is right there.

The others? Will be posted right here this weekend - possibly even tomorrow - so thank you all for voting!

I knew what I wanted to do with the season four ficlet straight off the bat really, mostly because or a while now I'd been using this avatar which is from the episode in question Collapse )

When I came to post the ficlet though, I realised it was way too orange for some reason so I remade it to this Collapse )

I made that pretty quickly and (even if I do say so myself) I really like it. So I want to redo the layout of my journal to go along the same kind of lines, only problem is I still have the essay to write for Monday... plus I owe smhwpf the next chapter of WaDaDM that I promised him weeks ago.

Still, at least I'm off work tomorrow! (although I wasn't in the leave folder as being off - luckily I have the email I sent to my boss in case anyone says anything!)
life begins - me

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I live on the Ayrshire coast. I work in the West End of Glasgow. That’s 35 miles apart, it’s mostly 60mph limit roads so I should theoretically be home in half an hour or less.


To get home I have get to the south of the River Clyde and the option for people coming from the West of Glasgow to the South is to use the Clyde Tunnel. Coming from the East or the centre the better option is the Kingston Bridge. Or would be if the bridge had been built properly in the first place. Since it opened it’s never been without road-works of one kind or another and right now those involve shutting off one of the major sliproads from the centre of town. So all the people from the centre of town are now shunted out to the West and therefore are using the Tunnel. Traffic has at least trebled and is making my journey home that much longer. I was coping fine with it, not a problem at all, but then the City Council decided wouldn't it be a fantastic idea to start doing road-works on the junction between Dumbarton Road and Crow Road. Yes, that Crow Road. Quite possibly one of the busiest junctions in Glasgow and incidentally the main route to the Clyde Tunnel.

So it now takes me an hour and a half to get home every single freaking night.

Yeah, it's my choice to live so far away, but it's not really my choice to drive in - the train service is incredibly unreliable (there's one train an hour from my village to Glasgow and if a freight train needs the line it gets priority. Makes timetables laughable) and there are no buses at all. What I would love, just once, is to be able to get into third gear at some point in my hour long journey through Glasgow. Fourth's way too much to hope for I know, but third would be nice...
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