March 29th, 2005

life begins - me

I'm clearly an idiot

Four days I had this weekend, four days to get caught up wth fic, with site updates, with this essay... did I do any of it? Did I buggery.

I'm so sorry smhwpf and emeraldswan - I've not looked over anything all weekend. I'm really sorry with_character, this essay still isn't done.

I haven't written a word of fic at all, I've got a whole new plot idea I'm trying to ignore though, and generally I've done nothing except listen to the new 'phoncs album.

What I did do this morning was read a fantastic fic from the ever-incredible Lori Bush - How To Be Dead (incidentally named after one of my favourite songs - if you've not got Snow Patrol's Final Straw album, why not?) Go join/sign into PYGS read it, love it (although that goes almost without saying) and feedback on it!

In other (work related) news, none of the grade twos have shown up today! All we have in the office are supervisors, gosh that's fun! eta why is it, whenever we're short-staffed like this, I'm the only one who ever thinks of covering break times? Six supervisors in the office, two of whom are senior to me, and only one of them has gone on early break. There are five people sitting in the office right now and not one of them is even thinking that J's going to be on her own in the office in 15 minutes. *sigh*
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life begins - me

Great Journal Titles of Our Time

So one of the things I have to do each day is check for new journals published online and see if they are something we'd want to add to the library catalogue. Over the last month or so, there's been quite a large number of free literary and/or art journals, most of which we're not adding because they don't really have a lot of relevance to the courses offered by the university. Some of these have the most fantastic names!

My current two favourites:



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life begins - me


I did something!

smhwpf I'm about to email you - the Ballad is uploaded!

Now I'm off to go do some more essay writing, it's almost finished even though my head of department decided to come down and annoy me during my tea break this afternoon when I was trying to write it...

eta rileysaplank just emailed you about ITD as well
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