March 30th, 2005

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In The Darkness

One last pimp for this RPG. We're just about ready to get underway now - a couple more days and we're good to go. There are still a few roles we'd like to have filled before we start (bizarrely enough mostly Angel based ones - Gunn, Connor, Lindsey, Fred and the like). Check out the userinfo on _inthedarkness for details. (ETA we've posted a quick background ficlet here to give you an idea of what happened to lead to this situation)

I'm sitting here typing away at this essay for with_character which is already two days late (I will have it in by tomorrow, part of me is determined to have it posted within the actual month that is Xander month!) and I'm listening to another album I haven't heard for a very long time.


Cheesy I know, some of it, but the rest? Reminds me of how scared and angry I was growing up as a kid in Thatcherite Britain living at the midpoint of two nuclear sub bases. What kind of world is it that a kid of six knew exactly what the words "Four Minute Warning" meant?!

Anyway, enough of my bitterness, I thought I'd upload one of the tracks because it's actually a perfect soundtrack for ITD. All Fall Down - I was debating whether to post this or Dancing With Tears In My Eyes but decided this was the more obvious of the two.

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