March 31st, 2005

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I think I'm about ready to cry. Lost seems like it was a helluvan episode last night but I'm avoiding spoilers like the plague. All the sites I use to download from are down again. And showing no signs of recovery at all. And when I search through other torrent sites I don't normally use all I can find is up to episode 17...

Channel 4 has bought the rights to show Lost in the UK but they're not starting it 'till the summer and it looks like they'll be holding it back until the next series of Big Brother is finished (seriously, does anyone actually watch and enjoy reality shows anymore? Enquiring minds want to know!) So if I'm going to wait to see it here then it'll be around Christmas before they get to where I've seen up to and I'll probably have died of boredom by then...


Plus, I haven't finished my essay and I can't write right now -cannot get into the right frame of mind at all. And the whole British Summer Time has really thrown me for a loop this week - I've been waking up later and later every day. Today was the worst - I have to leave my house before 7am to make sure I get to work at a reasonable time. I got up and all but fell into the shower at 6.55

I have evil Nescafe coffee now because it's all there is in the office (I didn't buy it and I treated the woman who did to my infamous 'why Nestle are evil bastards' speech so we're just using up the last of it before I bring in some FairTrade stuff) and the only reason I'm drinking it is because otherwise I would be sleeping at my desk.

This is so not a good day right now. Tuesday I sat and explained to a library user why a certain username wouldn't work on one particular site, he understood it at the time - I swear he did, today I come in to find he's emailed me at 6pm last night to ask when he can use that username on the site. Uh, never? Plus we have a very friendly and enthusiastic cleaner in our office who tries to be everyone's best friend. She talks constantly. And she starts sentences with "So I was saying.." When!? And to whom?! You weren't saying anything! You just started speaking and you're not going to shut up for twenty minutes despite the fact that I'm clearly typing away here, oh and by the way - that ruler you just picked up off the sheet of paper? Was actually marking my place in a list thank you ever so much...

I need a coffee. A real coffee....

ETA Looks like I've found a source for Lost now so that's good news. However, it's tempered by more bad news - Christopher Eccleston is worried he'll be typecast and is not going to be returning for a second season of Doctor Who despite the fact it's already been renewed. Billie Piper will be returning though. *sigh*
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life begins - me



I got the essay finished, I still think it ends a little abruptly but I've fidgeted with it for way too long now and I was determined to post it during Xander Month. Anyways, if you're interested it's posted over on with_character right here

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