April 5th, 2005

life begins - me

We never grew up, we just got ourselves free...

I'm back. My sister is okay, probably going to be discharged from hospital today. Thank you all for your support - I've not been online much so I apologise for not answering your emails and text messages, I did read them all and was hugely touched that you went out of your way to give me your best wishes. I was being selfish with my little rant on Saturday, but I think it's okay to be selfish in that situation.

I'm still really tired and still not 100% sure what I'm going to be doing from one minute to the next so I may still be a little slow to respond to anything. I will catch up though.

Anyways, onto other things - the bands meme answers (if I can remember them!

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xander belong - me

Old fic rec and an awwww

So when I was running from place to place this weekend I needed something to chill me out when I had five minutes spare. I wanted to read something I knew would avoid the angst and leave the warm glow feeling. So I went back to a fic I started to read last year but didn't finish for one reason or another. If you haven't already read it, go do so now. If you have read it, go back and read it again. It's just great.

Bridges by Tassos. It's a crossover fic with SG1 and BtVS. Set during season seven of SG1 and post-Chosen of Buffy. Jack O'Neill finds he has a son he didn't know about and Xander Harris finds out what it means to have a parent who will hop on a plane just to check he's okay. Lovely stuf which does manage to combine drama, humour and still leave you with that warm glowy feeling.

And for the awwww?

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