April 11th, 2005

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WKA round two

White Knight Awards Round Two is now open for nominations. So even though it's either horribly early or horribly late where you are, go nominate!

Thank you all for your support and help with my bizarre questions and for putting up with my inane indecisiveness! And a huge thank you to engelsteorra for helping me out with the php for the forms!

I'm still looking for names for the 'Epic' (20 chapters or more) and 'Unfinished' categories which is why the field for category isn't a drop-down right now. Once I decide on names I'll be editing that but don't let that stop you now!

What are you waiting for? Go! Nominate!


(Oh, meant to say, I will be posting to the lists later on today but please feel free to pimp the awards as well!)

Edit - gah! There's a teeny problem with the form right now - I swear I had it fixed this morning but it's still being a little tricky. I will try my hardest to get it fixed before too much longer!

Second Edit - s'cool. Fixed the problem for now. Phew!
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life begins - me

I need a favour...

The glitch on the WKA nomination form seems to be back. Could I ask one of you guys to submit a dummy nomination? You can use a fake email address or whatever, just mark it *test* in the title field so I know to delete it.

here's the form

*fingers crossed this works* (I've managed to submit dummy nominations myself so I need to know if others are having a problem with it.)


Edit I'm an idiot - I included a required field in the Author nominaton page and then never actually put it on the form. It's now fixed and that seems to have solved the problem on that page. Could someone put through a dummy nomination to see if it goes through? (I think I've fixed the other page as well for the moment but I'm still working on a way to completely fix it)
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WKA again

I think it's fixed now. I know what the problem was and I fixed it, but then I thought I'd done that already earlier today and it was still glitching.

Now I know why there were no nominations sent during today!

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