April 12th, 2005

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Yes, I am a little bit on the cranky side today. I honestly cannot figure out what's the problem with the original nominations form on WKA. I cannot replicate the error everyone else seems to be experiencing and I know none of you who've contacted me are the type to miss out the required fields.

So I've given up and coded a new form which doesn't quite do what I want it to but it seems to work in that when you enter the details and click on submit it sends it to me. I'm going to tear apart the code for the original one and try to figure out why it works for me but not for anyone else, in the meantime the nominations form on the site should work. If it doesn't then please let me know and I'll go back to banging my head off the desk again.

Non-sitewise, I would really hate to be driving on the same roads as me today. People were pissing me off this morning in the worst way. To all the drivers on the M8 around Glasgow Airport between 7.30 and 7.45 this morning: There's this little stick thing next to your steering wheel. It's called the 'indicator'. Learn to use it! And your brake pedal? As well as slowing you down it also switches on these little lights at the back of your car to let the driver behind you know you're slowing down so that they can do the same and not nearly run into the back of you!

Okay, rant over. Seriously, if the nominations form isn't working, please lemme know and I'll go back to using a Bravenet one even though I loathe and detest them.
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I am so mentally challenged!

Okay, so the fabulous not-working form on WKA?

The password is case-sensitive. The password as given on the site doesn't match the case in the form verifier.

To quote Buffy. "God! I'm so mentally challenged!"

(D'you know how many times I re-coded that damn thing last night and this morning? *sigh*)

It's fixed, but my ftp settings at work are dodgy so I'll upload it again from home and fix the case thingy.
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life begins - me

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Rule number 9: Working, stable, public links to the actual story must be provided – not just to an archive site’s home page. Any nominations without a working link will be deleted.

So how many nominations have I gotten which just link to an index page? *sigh* I could find the fics, I did last time around - went well out of my way to do so, but this time? Nope. It's in the rules so if there's a complaint then they can nominate again giving me the proper link.

Things done tonight - nominees page updated on WKA, nomination form finally fixed (I think!), couple of fics read.

Things to do tonight - beta next chapter of SKoH for emeraldswan (Buffy/Firefly crossover, if you've not read it yet - why not?! here's the link), finish next chapter of WaDaDM, stress about the fact there's been no nominations since I uploaded the now working form, then finally chill out a little....

Yeah, like that last one on the list is gonna happen....
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