April 14th, 2005

life begins - me

ever so slightly pissed off

Okay both my computer in the house and my laptop are kinda state of the art, best I could afford type things. My work PC is not.

But seriously, taken two minutes fromt he time I hit the power switch to give me the log in prompt and then seven minutes and 25 seconds to actually log me in?

What a piece of gosa!

Oh, and they're working on the Outlook server which means I can't get to my emails for another half hour which means I can't actually do any work anyway....

ETA and my fun 'automatic updates' I get on this machine every freaking day just prompted a restart. I've been in this office since 8:05. It's now almost 8:45 and I'm only just able to actually start any work.

2nd Edit So apparently it was Firefox that was causing the problem, well not so much the programme itself but where the network was storing the cache. It's now fixed and I can carry on using Firefox. We'll see how long it takes to log in tomorrow though...
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life begins - me


So I was trawling through the files I have on this PC and I found an old fic that's not been posted. Well, that's a lie, the first part of it has been but the second never was.

I'm trying to convince myself that I need to concentrate on WaDaDM or CR but this one? Made me giggle when I was reading it. I was laughig at the absurdity of an absurd situation I wrote.

I want to finish it now....

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