April 15th, 2005

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So those of you who are PYGS members (or owners/moderators!) will already know that I've done an insane thing. I manip'd the standard 'Return of the Jedi' poster to feature Buffy characters... Check it out (if you haven't already) on the group's home page It's not perfect and I may rework it a little but I have to say the prospect of a Buffy Skywalker, Xander Solo, Spike Vader, Princess Faith, Willow Calrissian and Wicket T. Dawn fic does sound intriguing!

And it finally happened, the nominations that have been coming in over the week have thrown up a story I haven't yet read and *really* want to! (Not that I'm in any way using the WKA to give me a new bunch of fic recs. Oh no, I'd never do that....


Anyways, for the _inthedarkness folks, tonight 9.30 is fine with me - it's not going to be a scene, more an introduction to the story and a Q&A for Andy and I. Anyone else interested in joining - let me know! (we're really looking for people to play Connor, Gunn and Lindsey....)

Right, I'm hungry now - really should have had some breakfast before I left the house.... (like that's ever going to happen) and I need to finish the updates on the nominees page. Oh yeah, and maybe actually get some work done as well.

I *knew* there was something else I wanted to pimp! unholymovie - new community set up by karenbear and saturn_girl to discuss the new Nick Brendon film Unholy - this icon was made by karenbear for community users. Go join the hunt for Gertrude!

btw, willowmina? I may be calling on your beta services this weekend - are you up for it?
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