April 17th, 2005

life begins - me

Speak, dammit!

I'm writing a crossover fic between two of my top fandoms, featuring characters I adore from those fandoms and have never really had a problem writing on their own.

I try to bring them together and they just will not talk to each other!


I've always thought dialogue was one of the weaker points of my writing anyway, but these guys? They need to talk, right now, things need to be said. But they won't bloody well cooperate!
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life begins - me

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I was shocked when Pet Sounds was at number sixty something so I had to stay awake to see the result of Channel 4s Top 100 albums.

I'm shocked. Gutted number 6 is above number 10 and jumping for joy at the top three! (even if the number two album is not my favourite by this band)

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