April 18th, 2005

life begins - me

Notes to self

Never eat chicken that's past its sell-by date - even if it smells fresh.

Never stay up to watch crap TV when you've already had less than six hours sleep in the previous 3 days and have to be up for work five hours after you go to bed.

Never forget your glasses when you know you're going to be working at a PC all day.

(feeling kinda crappy right now, can you tell?)

Other than that I had a fairly productive weekend - I finally got a chapter of an on-going fic finished and sent to willowmina to beta. Finally got round to listing all the stuff I need to do for Effects of a Troubled Heart. Bought myself an outfit for the Saturday night 'Jedi Knights' theme for the Serenity convention at the end of the month. Got some serious reading of actual books done (funny how working in a library actually puts me off reading books!) Kept right on top of nominations for WKA as they came in.

Oh, I have a question for you all - there was a nomination recieved yesterday which I'm reticent to put in the categories it's nominated for since it would be a little unfair to judge it against the other fics in the category because it's so vastly different. (Okay, I wasn't going to say what it was but I'm getting all tangled up in knots here so I may as well say why it doesn't fit - it's a poem. And a slightly abstract poem at that.)

So my question is this, should I add (halfway through nominations) a category for the 'stuff that doesn't fit in other categories'? Or should I hang onto it until nominations close and see if any other nominations come in that don't fit elsewhere?
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