April 25th, 2005

life begins - me

maybe it's not soooo bad

I've had three people compliment my hair this morning. Maybe it really isn't as bad as I see when I look in the mirror. Still got to colour  it though so maybe by this time tomorrow I'll have grown to like it.

I'm leaving on Friday morning to fly down to Heathrow for the convention and I'm working through till Thursday night. I'm not packed, I don't have everything I need and I only just remembered to book my dog into the kennels for the weekend. Only now I have a problem, well two actually. The first is the same one I had last time I went away - I can't find Dram's vaccination records which the kennels require before they'll take him. I always lose it and I always find it at the last minute so I'm not too worried.

The second problem, his booster shot is due really soon, in fact it may even be overdue, and my vets is only open during the day when I'm at work.

So even if I find the vaccination record, the kennel still might not take him since it may have lapsed anyway.

And another problem I just remembered - I don't have a passport. Well, I do but it expired in 2001 and I've never gotten round to renewing it. Every flight I've taken since then has been domestic and on either Ryanair or EasyJet who are happy to accept a photographic drivers license. The flight is through BA since it's going direct to Heathrow and nowhere on their site can I find anything that'll tell me if they accept drivers licenses as valid ID.

So all in, I might not be able to go at all.

Oh,  but if I do? One of the outfits I was on the lookout for on Saturday was a Chinese/Mandarin style dress which I couldn't find anywhere in a shop I could afford. Clearing out my bedroom yesterday? Found a skirt suit I'd forgotten I had - dark red with black print detail on it and a Mandarin collar. Plus I have a cute black top which'll go perfectly with it - so now the only problem is my usual shoe dilemma. The skirt's short, so am I. (well 5'4", actually tall for where I live) and I hate my feet - seriously, I will not wear sandals or anything strappy at all. Normally when I wear skirts (which aint all that often) I'll wear high boots but... will that go with a Chinese style suit? Hmmm. Is sartorially confused (and not for the first time!)

*sigh* guess I should actually do some work since I've been in the office an hour and haven't done much of anything yet... (must avoid the temptation to read m_mcgregor's new story till I get home...)

Oh, and since I forgot to watch Doctor Who on Saturday I'm going to use the icon ludditerobot made to remind me to watch it as soon as I get in the house tonight!

ETA so I'm getting timed out trying to check on INAP right now - plus none of the images I have stored on ML are displaying. I'm also having trouble with other sites as well - can someone check and let me know if they can access INAP?
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life begins - me

*is confused*

the timing out problem I was having with INAP and all the other Moments Lost sites this morning wasn't just limited there. A lot of the sites I need to access for work were douing the same thing.

Last week I was having trouble with my log in times being ridiculously long and we found that it was my Firefox cache being collected somewhere other than the temporary folder. IT fixed that problem and all was well wth the world again.

Except that now seems to be the cause of the problem with me accessing certain sites. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it that I can identify, some are fine, some just won't let me in at all. (For example - LJ's fine, but all the graphics I have on the page that are housed on Moments Lost don't display at all.)

When I went off to lunch there I rebooted the thing hoping it would make a difference - it seems to have. Kinda.

I did the whole clearing my cache thing a couple of times this morning before rebooting to no avail, so if all this is is IT changing the settings so the cache isn't cleared until the PC's turned off? Grrr.
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