April 27th, 2005

life begins - me

Still squeeeing a day later!

Serenity's coming! Woo hoo!!!!

Sorry, very very excited about this now - plus, I was listening to Kasabian in the car on the way into work so I have the soundtrack for the trailer going through my head. I'm very hyped now.

And I get to meet most of the cast this weekend!

I've met some of them before, Nathan is a genuinly funny guy who is just as excited about the film as any of the fans are. Jewel is a sweetheart who smiles at the slightest thing, Summer always looks a little overawed by the number of people lining up to ask her questions (but she thinks I have a pretty name - a woman named Summer thinks I have a pretty name (she's told me this twice now!)) Morena is just sickeningly beautiful but such a nice person that I can't hate her for it.

I just discovered I've actually booked tomorrow off on annual leave so I should be able to take the dog to the vets to get his booster done. Yay! Plus, I can actually get some packing done before midnight on Thursday...

Right, it's now 9am and I should get started on work really...

one last thing:

You Can't Stop The Signal

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life begins - me

memes and iconage!

Iconage first - more from the Serenity trailer!


The rest.... (They're all textless right now because I've come to the conclusion that despite having hundreds of fonts on this PC, none of them look good. *g* I will hopefully get some more done with text at some point soon!)

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