May 4th, 2005

life begins - me

Mozilla problem

So there was an update patch for Deepest Sender which I dutifully downloaded and set up. No problem with it at all, it seems to be working better than ever. Except.

When I open Firefox now I'm getting blank screens, no 'links' navigation bar and my bookmarks aren't listed any more. They're all there in 'Safe Mode' but Deepest Sender isn't.

Anyone else had this problem or know a fix for it?

(And I'll post about the con soon, promise!)

eta Huh. So I uninstalled and re-installed DS and it seems to be okay now. Still don't know what the problem was but hey - so long as it works!
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life begins - me

You can't stop the signal....

The world’s first Firefly/Serenity themed convention, this was a three-day event that took place at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow this weekend just past. Attended by something like eight or nine hundred paying attendees and eight invited guests from the show/film and MCd by Clare Kramer. I’m still not completely caught up with the extreme lack of sleep over the weekend so forgive me if I ramble or forget things.

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new Serenity wallpaper - this is actually what I printed out onto tshirt transfer paper and am currently wearing. It works pretty well as a wallpaper though!
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