May 6th, 2005

life begins - me

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Happy Birthday acrazywench!!

eta I haven't forgotten about the WKA by the way - I ended up being more tired than I expected after the con so I haven't actually done any updates since Tuesday. Rest assured, voting will start soon! (And I'll email everyone who volunteered to help with the interim screening stage tonight!)
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life begins - me

Bright lights! Bright lights!

So I sat out at the front of the library for tea break there - absolutely glorious sunshiney day (bit breezy, but hey, what can you do?) I walk back in at the end of tea break and now I can't see.

Seriously, it's like looking through a blue exclusion layer (for all the photoshop geeks!) Everything has this yellow tone to it and the world is just not focusing right. Joy.

Other work stuff - I walked through the other office to get to the water cooler and the woman sitting in there literally squeaked a couple of times and looked at me like she was expecting an answer. Turns out she was commenting on my hair. By squeaking. Sigh.

In other news, the Tories actually came a relatively close second to Labour in my constituency which I have to say I find really scary. And UKIP actually got a worrying number of votes there as well.

(I keep getting interrupted - this was actually started an hour ago so I'm going to leave it at that!)

eta so the interruptions I've been having? I have to share...

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life begins - me

FX update

I have a list of updates to be made to Effects of a Troubled Heart and I was planning on doing them all in one go. Unfortunately I just have not had the time to do it and before I knew it April was gone and there had been no updates. So... I'm doing the updates in tiny spurts now - first one tonight m_mcgregor 's Surrogate Angel series now has all three parts posted to the site. Yay! ETA okay, so it's four stories in the series, I'm an idiot. They're all uploaded though!

More updates to come soon, plus White Knight Awards voting starts soon!
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