May 9th, 2005

life begins - me

48 hous of nothing

So you may already know if you read my earlier posts this weekend that it kinda sucked for me. Saturday was pretty much a bust since I spent most of the day waiting around and then ultimately not doing anything. I cleaned though. And I watched old dvds I haven't seen in ages.

Random quoatage:
"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does."

Sunday, pretty much did nothing. Except I took all the frustration and pissed offness and channeled it into writing. There's nothing concrete yet, but I have the outline for the first chapter of a new fic complete, plus I have quite a lot of the actual writing done for it as well. This thing will be at least 22 chapters long since I'm planning in doing episode rewrites of a TV show focusing on characters who either weren't there or weren't featured all that heavily. Only problem with that plan is that I have to watch the show again from the very beginning - not that that's actually a hardship 'cause it's a damn good show! (I know, I'm being vague as to what the actual show is, but that's just until I have at least the first chapter complete - which will hopefully be tomorrow).

I was in too odd a mood yesterday to focus on any of my other ongoing fics, although Crimson Regret kept nagging at me. One of these days instead of just thinking "I need to update them" I may actually get around to doing something about it all...

Apologies for being a little avoidy yesterday - emeraldswan we will get to chat at some point soon, I swear it!

One final note - there may be a slight delay in voting starting for WKA. I need to test it out beforehand just to check it all works the way it's meant to. Since there have been a few glitches with this round there will be another round sooner than I anticipated - probably towards the end of June and into July.
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life begins - me


I just remembered it's my sister's birthday on Thursday! I haven't got her a present yet, think I should?

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