May 10th, 2005

life begins - me

Thank God For Binmen!

If not for those stalwart cleaners-away of other people's rubbish I would doubtless still be in my bed fast asleep, instead of sitting at my desk at work contemplating another day of checking journals at (worst website ever!)

I slept in. Yes, you read that right, me, an insomniac, slept in. Completely forgot to set my alarm last night - not sure why - and slept right through my 5.30 usual wake up time. Woke up at 7.08 with the bin lorry outside my house making a helluva lot of noise. And of course I hadn't put my bin out for collection...

Somehow or other I knew today was going to be 'difficult' so yesterday I booked a half day. Only three and a bit hours to go then!

On a completely random tangent - I watched a really interesting show on BBC2 last night, I forget the exact title but it was something like "How Art Changed The World".  It is a series but each week they're going to focus on a different aspect of art - last night was the representation of the human body. It was a teeny bit patronising, but I tend to find most TV documentaries are in that they never quite hit the balance between targeting complete newcomers to a subject and those who already have an interest in it. The one thing that bugged me about it more than anything else was that they spent fifty minutes tracing the line between the ancient 'Venus' fertility statues through to the hyper-realism of Greek sculpture and then kinda stopped... It was kinda implied that the Greek HyperRealism (and I know that's the wrong term - I'm a postmodernity graduate, it fits, trust me!) was the ultimate pinacle and that any later representations of the human body in art aren't worth studying. (Plus, the presenter got the wrong end of the stick with regards to Egyptian art as well but I'll let that slide for the moment) There were little notes about impressionism and abstract art but they were all crammed into the last five minutes.

Just seemed a little odd to me.

Ah well, off to do some work then....
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life begins - me

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Fuck it!

I just deleted something I shouldn't have deleted. Something it took me ages to compile. Bloody csv files! Who on Earth decided that a comma would be a good seperator?! Some of us - like for instance everyone - actually use commas for normal grammatical reasons!!!

List of journals - downloaded in CSV format 'cause it's all the site offered. I spent ages going through the file and taking out the commas from the journal titles (commas which should have been there) so that it wouldn't throw off the csv thing and put them all in different columns.

First thing this morning I went over my bad habit of saving files to the desktop and deleted stuff I didn't need. Then I cleaed out the recycle bin. Turns out that painstaking comma removed csv file was among the files I had on my desktop. I could download it again but right now? So past caring.

Fuck it.
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life begins - me


So Zol has posted his pictures of the Serenity convention at Heathrow to his site - imagine my surprise when I found there was a picture of the queue for Serenity Squared tickets. I genuinly don't remember anyone taking this picture but there I am looking across at the camera. I have a feeling this was about the time the guy in front of me in the queue was telling me about ComiCon and I was trying not to fall asleep....

And no, I'm not going to tell you which one's me!

(I'll give you a hint though, there's a guy in front of me in the queue and we were fairly close to the front - oh yeah, and engelsteorra was wearing a hat....)

ETA btw, I'm home and I have beer. My day just took an upturn!
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