May 13th, 2005

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Lament for a Lost Mug

Oh faithful  mug, you harmed no one and provided caffeinated sustenance when it was most needed. You doubtless had dreams of containing only the best of coffees, of being delicately and lovingly washed by beautiful handmaidens in spring water at dawn on May Day.

You didn't deserve to be treated so shabbily by your owner, to be thoughtlessly locked away in a desk drawer, to contain on a very rare occasion Evil!Nestle coffee (only when there was no other alternative and bought by someone other than your owner). To have your dreams so cruelly dashed to pieces as you yourself were just moments ago.

Alas poor mug, I will miss you.


Madness slightly averted - I just broke my favourite mug. The mug I bought for 99p from Woolworths in St Andrews in 1992. I remember the exact day I bought it because it was the day I moved into the Hall of Residence at Uni there and I'd forgotten to pack a mug. I've had it ever since. Other mugs have come and gone, but none have summed me up so perfectly as this one. It was white with one side covered with a picture of Snoopy and Woodstock both looking very dazed. On the other side were painted the words COFFEE QUICK!!! in large red letters.

I loved my Snoopy mug, it deserved better than to have it's final resting place be in tiny pieces in the bin under Gail's desk. Poor mug.

eta I just rescued the pieces from the bin, I'm going to take them home and see if it can be glued together. It'll never hold liquid again but if all the pieces are there it might work as a pen holder

In other, non-mug lamenting news, I have a really painful jaw on the right side and am finding it hard to swallow (especially cold water). I thought it was my wisdom tooth making one final bid for freedom (it's been halfway through for about five years now) but my glands on that side are swollen now as well. No idea what it is and painkillers aren't helping, joy. I've checked NHS Direct and they're recommending paracetamol which I refuse to take (long boring story) so I guess I'm just going to have to avoid swallowing anything for a while - should help the diet anyway.
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life begins - me

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Beer good.... work bad....

Going to the pub at lunchtime may seem like a good plan, going to a pub with a beer garden seems like an even better plan, going to a pub with a beer garden that sells Budvar nice and cold is the ultimate in good plans. Coming back to work afterwards?

Bad plan....

Can I go back to the pub now please?

ETA so the sun was stronger than I thought it was and my face is now on the verge of being sunburnt. Fun.
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