May 16th, 2005

life begins - me

Good News!

I found my MP3 player! Go me!

(It was in a jacket pocket - the weather's been so good the past couple of weeks that I haven't worn a jacket for that length of time)

There's a cleaner in our office who works hella hard, but she's one of the most annoying people I've ever met in my life. In our office there's always at least one of us here before 8am - usually me or Craig (we both travel the same distance so we both try to avoid the rush hour by being early). The day this woman started it was just me in the office so she introduced herself to me and I got her entire life story (including all about her arthur-itis and her white finger...) and since then I've been the one she always goes out of her way to have ten minute long conversations with about absolutely nothing. Her most irritating habit is starting those conversations with: "So I was saying..." Who to? Not me that's for sure! Oh how I wish Craig had been in work before me that day...

Anyway, I'm now sitting at my desk with my headphones on listening to my MP3 player and yet she still has an entire conversation with me!! I have no idea what she was just saying, but smiling and nodding seemed to work. (Yeah it's a little rude but this woman will not take the hint...)

I can just tell today is not going to be a good day at work. First the mad cleaner and now (literally as I was typing) the bible-basher at work (who incidentally used to do the job I'm now doing) just came in and switched on every rutting flourescent light in the room. The one above my head was off for a reason, thank you ever so much! (I switched it off again - I'm not getting a headache just because she refuses to go the optician!)

Right off tto go attempt some work now...

(oh one last thing - the song I'm listening to right now? I have a whole fanvid storyboarded out for it, something I do quite a lot - I just never get round to actually doing anything more than a storyboard. This one's the first ever Firefly-themed one for me though - maybe that'll give me the kick I need to get it done...)

Really final thing - if you haven't already, go check out zeppo_stillness, icon challenges for Xander Harris icons - the first challenge is underway but you still have till Wednesday to enter!

Okay, I lied - this is the final thing. Despite my best intentions I've not really gotten as much use out of my graphics journal as I wanted, so I'm probably going to abandon it and start posting them here again instead. I'm not going to delete the account or anything, but I will be gradually uploading the graphics onto my art site (Pointless Nostalgic) to make them easier to find.

And one, very, very, very last thing - Voting for the White Knight Awards will start tonight, sorry for the delay and a huge thanks to engelsteorra for not laughing at my extreme ineptitude with MySQL...
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