May 17th, 2005

life begins - me

Bastard! and Hehehe!

Some sneaky little sod sneaked in and outbid me at the very last second...

I didn't get my Snoopy mug.

Ah well, them's the breaks I guess.

Now I'm off to go answer _deepred_ in _inthedarkness and maybe consider getting some work done.

Oh, if any of you are in the 'information' profession and get copies of Elseviers LibraryConnect journal? Yes that is me in the photograph on page 3 of pamphlet supplement 7. Hey - I'm a page 3 girl! (ETA just realised half of you might not get that reference - page 3 girls are 'glamour models' who pose topless for tabloid newspapers, invariably they appear on page 3 of said tabloids)

"At Glasgow, there is now a staff member at senior library assistant level who spends a large proportion of her time collecting and assembling usage statistics." - That's me he's talking about that is!

(to explain - my head of department wrote an article about how we at GUL use usage statistics for journals, the article just appeared in print.)

I volunteered for the Fresher's Fair again this year - anyone remember the "Suck It And See" t-shirt from last year? This year's theme is going to be jungle/survival. I think. I dread to think what I'll end up wearing this time around! First meeting is this afternoon, hopefully this won't be a case of the bosses having already decided on what we're doing and expecting us to go along with it - 'cause sorry, but I'm not wearing a t-shirt with a picture of what looks like a condom and the words 'Suck it and see' plastered over my chest. (It was actually a lollipop, but it definitely had condom-like qualities)

Oooo - engelsteorra this'll interest you, the supervisors are having a 'discussion' about why we have to send someone through to processing as well as photocopying cover... Drama in the library! (of course, now the conversation's moved onto hair dye and not one of them thought to ask me if I had work for a Grade 2 to do (which I do, quite urgent stuff actually)

And for the funny? Thanks to acrazywench for sending me this link: hehehe!
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